Make the most of your home, rental property, or vacation with Relax & Co.

Our comprehensive caretaking, property management, and concierge services offer the Sunapee region property solutions customized to every customer’s needs.

If you’re a homeowner or guest wondering how exactly we can help you relax more and live better, we have a very simple answer: “Any way we can”. Whether you need us to rake the yard, renovate the kitchen, stock the pantry, or staff your holiday party – kick back and relax, we do it all!

Sunapee Vacation Rental Project Managment Company

Property Management

The foundation of our business is maintaining the finest homes in the Sunapee region. Our goal is simple: To maintain your property in top condition at all times, thereby protecting your investment and maximizing your enjoyment of the beautiful place we call home.

  • Completion of comprehensive home maintenance plan and budget
  • 24 hour on call service, ready to respond to all your home emergencies
  • Qualified craftsman prepared to tackle any aspect of home repair, construction and maintenance
  • Full service property management to take all the worries off your plate

Sunapee Vacation Rentals

Rental Services

If you’re interested in renting your home for the long or short term, we'll help you make the most of your property and make you delighted that the Relax team holds a key.

  • Completion of comprehensive maintenance & safety checklist
  • State of the art reservation & management systems
  • Tenant screening & communication
  • Management of property during rental, including payment, cleaning, repairs, support, and more

Sunapee Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Relax & Co.’s professional cleaning team offers all the cleaning solutions your property could need whether it’s being rented or not. A clean house is a happy house. Why be anything but happy?

  • Residential and commercial cleaning
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning
  • Seasonal deep cleaning
  • Rental cleaning (Pre/Post occupancy cleaning, seasonal turnover, closing and opening)

Sunapee Vacation Property Landscaping & Hardscaping Services

Landscaping & Hardscaping

From weeding to hardscaping – our professional grounds crew offers a one-stop solution for beautifying your property, no matter the season.

  • Gardening maintenance
  • Garden design and installation
  • Comprehensive TURF care
  • Tree removal, yard cleanup, and brush clearing
  • Retaining walls, water features, patios, and more
  • Snow and Ice Management

Vacation Property Pet Care and House Sitting Services

Pet Care & Home Sitting

Don’t let responsibilities like dog walking cut a ski or lake day short. Whether your pets are furred, feathered, or scaled we're here to lend a helping hand – long and short-term pet sitting, feeding, and dog walking from Relax & Co. are always available.

  • Pet sitting
  • Pet feeding
  • Daily dog walking
  • Extended in-home pet care