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Our Mission

At Relax & Co. our mission is to create, maintain and manage homes and experiences in a way that makes the good life more accessible, so homeowners and guests alike can truly enjoy the many reasons we love calling the Sunapee area home.

Our Mission Sunapee Vacation Rental Managment Company

But what is the good life?

For us, there’s no single definition … It's the wind in your hair, the mountain over your shoulder and the sound of the waves lapping the beach.

It's a Sunapee sunset, where lake and mountain blend together in a watercolor too perfect for canvas.

It’s rosy cheeks in the winter, freckled cheeks in the summer, belly laughs around the fire, and the whole family together – without a care in the world. But the pace of modern life can make the good life harder to pin-down. We aim to change that.

So whether you’re here for a weekend, a season, or a lifetime ... Relax. We’ve got the rest.

Our Mission Sunapee Vacation Rental Managment Company

Our Guiding Principles

Be passionate -About being excellent, in all things great and small.
Be attentive -Every day and in every way, create quality to the last detail.
Be efficient -In our approach, our use of resources, and with everyone’s time.
Be respectful & fair -In all of our interactions.
Be known for saying “YES” -With our collective creativity there is nothing we can’t make better.
Be grateful -For our clients, our families and friends, and our beautiful home.
Be nice-Because in the end it really does matter.

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